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Event Photography

Storytelling-style Event Photography is a little different than the quick consume and forget ("run and gun") style that so many other event photography services seem to focus on. Small device cameras are everywhere. If you're trying to get quick social coverage or prove that an event took place, encourage guests and event staff to post images to a social hashtag. If you want images that can be used to cinematically tell the story of your event, my style of event photography will help support that goal.

Mix It, Make It, Celebrate It - P.S. Flavor

event photography | half day (2-4 hours) | 101-120 photos DELIVERED
added on november 14, 2016 | p.s. flavor spice blends
The Mix It, Make It, Celebrate It presentation featuring P. S. Flavor Spice Blends invited guests to roll up their sleeves and learn some new spice techniques from world renowned culinary nutritionist Pam Smith RDN! This new ... ( view photos and read more ... )

Party for the Senses Night 2

event photography | half day (2-4 hours) | 91-100 photos DELIVERED
added on january 4, 2016 | disney food blog
The Party for the Senses is an annual event that takes place during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. The full World Showplace building is one of the more challenging spaces for event photography. The set of photos taken for the ... ( view photos and read more ... )

Rockin' Burger Block Party

event photography | half day (2-4 hours) | 81-90 photos DELIVERED
added on october 9, 2015 | disney food blog
The Rockin' Burger Block Party is a two hour event that is part of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. The set of photos taken for the's coverage of the event includes both food and environment ... ( view photos and read more ... )

The Boathouse Opening Day

event photography | half day (2-4 hours) | 121-140 photos DELIVERED
added on april 13, 2015 | disney food blog
The Boathouse is a new restaurant that opened in the spring of 2015 at Disney's re-themed "Disney Springs". Located in "The Landing Area" of the complex, the space features multiple dining areas, a gift shop, and an Amphicar ... ( view photos and read more ... )

Trattoria al Forno Restaurant Opening Night

event photography | half day (2-4 hours) | 31-40 photos DELIVERED
added on december 19, 2014 | disney food blog
The Trattoria al Forno Restaurant is located in Disney's Boardwalk Resort Area, and is the third major concept redesign for the space. Most recently, it had been Kouzzina by Cat Cora, and Spoodles before that. This set of photos ... ( view photos and read more ... )

Holidays Around Epcot

event photography | multiple day | 141-160 photos DELIVERED
added on december 1, 2014 | disney food blog
Holidays Around the World is an Epcot seasonal overlay that includes special story telling performances, food, decor, and merchandise. This set of photos was taken to support the Disney Food Blog's ongoing coverage of the yearly ... ( view photos and read more ... )
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