Every project is different. A really quick email about your project is all we need to start a conversation. After discussing what's needed, we'll figure out the cost. These are the things I'm thinking about when creating an estimate:
  • 01Preparation
  • 02Execution
  • 03Postproduction
  • 04Rights & Useage (IP)
  • 05Work, Fun, Cause
I really like hearing about new projects! Quotes and conversations are always free and confidential.

Tiny Random Photos

Because tiny random photos are cool.

What Do You Do?

I am a creative director, designer, and photographer with over two decades of experience spanning some pretty diverse categories — from creating tourism & travel publications to medical marketing collateral, application programming, video editing and animations, copyrighting, and of course our main focus here — food product and packaging designs, product and culinary photography, and even a couple of recipe guidebooks!
DESIGN — I started out as print-based graphic designer where I developed a real love for typography, color theory, and layout. At Digital Food Works, this includes label and packaging design, product cards and handouts, email and social media campaign designs — and even recipe guidebooks.
FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY — When you need absolutely rock solid, consistently balanced, color accurate food photos that you can count on, for use in print and publications — the kind of food photos that will make you stand out from the crowd — that's what I do.
PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY — Product photos on-white are almost a mandatory part of selling anything with any online retailer. Product photos that are staged in an environment that is consistent with your branding message are just as important for your own site and social media streams, because they tell the story of who you are. I have the gear and the experience to create those go-to images that you can be confident in using anywhere.
EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY — I focus on a storytelling style of event photography where the key moments of the event are captured along with those smaller interactions, objects, and environment photos that make the event special. I think of each event that I'm photographing in the same high quality, cinematic way — that I would if it were the most elegant royal wedding of the century!
It would be so great hearing about your product, service, or event — and even better to work with you! Quotes and conversations are always free and confidential.
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