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Lighting an Acorn Squash

So I found this little acorn squash kind of late in the season, and for some reason, it was pretty much all dark green. It didn't have any of those orange variegation or patches you can sometimes find on this popular winter vegetable. It was however, pretty symmetrical, not very large, and had all of those cool fluted, geometric details of a typical acorn squash. When I saw it, my mind instantly floated back to the "fruit planets" series that I did not too long ago — specifically, how the light wrapped around the lemon from that series, and wondered — if I ... ( read more ... )

The Instagram Light, Dark, Light, Dark Experiment

Way back on August 20th, 2019 — I started posting a series of images on Instagram that followed a "light tone then dark tone" alternating pattern. This little checkerboard test ran from that date, up until October 28th, 2019 — so basically 60 days and encompassed 18 images, give or take. In previous tests, I've tried staggering content types (The Instagram Five by Three Experiment) and using style guides (The Instagram Modern Country Farmhouse Experiment), etc. This time, I didn't spend too much time thinking about content "types" for the various posts, and ... ( read more ... )

The Instagram Modern Country Farmhouse Experiment

Right around the beginning of April 2019, I started a "Modern Country Farmhouse" experiment over on Instagram — first, by writing articles about Content Guides and Style Guides here at DFW (which contain some really good info on their own) and then posting 15 images on Instagram — all using the same lighting style, props, and staging elements. While Content Guides and Style Guides are really important for working ... ( read more ... )

Lighting the HQO Express Sample Packets

We love small goods product packing here at Digital Food Works, and these sample packets from High Quality Organics Express are very cool, because they stand up all by themselves! No additional propping, tape, wires, polarizers or special lighting required!High Quality Organics Express is a small(er)-quantity, individual consumer division of the larger parent-company High Quality Organics (HQO). HQO is the largest supplier of ... ( read more ... )
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