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The Forewinter 2021 Instagram Photo Series

Writing about winter has always been a challenge because there's two of them each year. There's the winter that arrives at the end of the year — that one's easy, you can just call that one "the holidays". The winter that happens between January and March is the one that's a bit more difficult to classify. I could write "early winter", but that just makes it seem like the ... ( read more ... )

Three Flash Lighting Setup with a Salmon Salad

Hummmm… it seems like I haven't posted a lighting set-up article in a while… so today, we'll take a quick, comparative look at what each of the three lights adds to this salmon salad photo. What's interesting to me in this photo is that the "one light" photo, just using the main light — is actually really useable. Adding the other two "fill" lights brings out the color and a little more texture on the main subject (the salmon) but even without them, it's a totally usable photo. It's worth noting, that when I say "light" I'm talking about off-camera flash ... ( read more ... )

The Holidays 2020 Instagram Photo Series

My switchover to darker photos for the winter months got off to a slow start on Instagram. I had intended to start posting photos for this series right after Halloween. When I was ready to go, I looked at the calendar, and realized it was already the first week of December!So, my "darker photo series" would have to be modified slightly — I had some really cool holiday photos that I wanted to post, before I completely ... ( read more ... )

The Late Summer Instagram Photo Series and Organic Reach Observations

I basically started this "Late Summer" bright/white photo series because I felt the previous "Slightly Wonky Bright" series went a little off the mark somewhere. I had some more ideas I wanted to pursue before going into the darker "winter" photos, and I thought I had plenty of time. I started this second bright/white series in mid September, and as it turns out, it took me all the way through Halloween, and even just past ... ( read more ... )
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