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The Instagram Five by Three Experiment

Today... I posted the final photo in my 5x3 experiment on Instagram. It's an overhead shot of the Chocolate Brownie Bites that were used in the previous Chocolate Martini photo. I wanted to take a quick look back at the group as a whole, and maybe see how they would have looked if I had followed a more common 1x3 pattern. Up to this point, I had been posting in groups of three, where each photo in a series of three images were in the same category or theme style. I basically wanted to discover what switching that up would look like... and so I started posting 5 different theme styles in ... ( read more ... )

Edible Natural Blue, Residual pH Levels, and Focus Stacking

Whew. I'm tired just after writing the title! I didn't start out with any notion of writing an article about this setup, but there are a couple of cool little points of interest to talk about regarding this photo. First — what exactly are we looking at? A couple of years ago, a friend of mine taught some fun classes about painting with spices. One of the questions that came up was "is there ... ( read more ... )

Modern Mulled Mai Chai Wine... Almost

In the interest of not wanting to mislead anyone, this article is not quite a "recipe post" about how to make Modern Mulled Mai Chai Wine… not just yet anyway. It's more of a production log about the current state of the recipe application that I'm creating from the ground up, and what my current thoughts are on step-by-step recipe photos. When building an application and database like this, I ... ( read more ... )

National Food Celebration Day Calendar Full-Year View

Oh, you can run all the tests you want — but you never really know if something is going to work the way you planned, until you turn it on, and give it a go. The world at large sometimes has very different things planned, than what I see in my head. Now I'm not trying to get all poetic here, I'm talking about the Two-Month View, National Food Celebration Day Calendar that I added to the site a couple of months ago. ... ( read more ... )
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