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The Evolution of a Spice Bottle

INTERNAL | april 4th, 2018 | nine ways to sunday with ps flavor
Almost a year ago, when I first started thinking about taking a single product and photographing it several different ways (but always with an eye on commercial use), I could not have ever imagined where the project would lead! As it turns out, P. S. Flavor!™ was thinking about updating their spice bottle and label system -- and so began an amazing, creative, fun-filled journey -- that resulted in a major refresh of the P. S. ... ( read more ... )

The P.S. Flavor!™ Club Seasonal Guidebook

P.S. FLAVOR | march 27th, 2018 | design and branding
A few months ago, I had the amazing opportunity to concept and design a new publication for a club program and subscription box that P. S. Flavor!™ Spice Blends was starting. It's always so much fun working on a brand new publication because you get to design, develop, and watch – for the very first time – a complete new design aesthetic play out over multiple pages. Another great thing about publications is, once you have ... ( read more ... )

Flyin' Cows and Concept Art

P.S. FLAVOR | march 21st, 2018 | design and branding
Commercial design and photography is an art, to be sure, but it also involves a good bit of marketing. The whole idea behind it is — the communication of an idea, a brand image, or a way of life — and to get a consumer (for the lack of a better word) to perform an action, or to take that next step. It's easy to fall into a "let's just do more of what we did last time" way of thinking. It's a little dangerous because consumers are forever evolving. The art and design behind any marketing message must evolve and change as well. I don't really have the luxury of starting a "for the sake of art" project... so every once in a ... ( read more ... )

Hero and Headline Photos for Winter Kit 2018

P.S. FLAVOR | february 22nd, 2018 | product photography
A couple of months ago, a new publication that I have been working on for the P. S. Flavor!™ Club was released and it's something I'm really happy with. I am getting to shoot a good bit of the photography along with the designing and laying out the quarterly booklet and the team at P. S. Flavor!™ is just so much fun to work with. (If you would like to find out more about the new P. S. Flavor!™ Club, click here.)I'll be adding a ... ( read more ... )