Digital Food Works by Curtis Lawyer provides medium format photography, design, and ideation services for businesses with things to eat and drink! I'm currently located in Central Florida — and everything I do is fully mobile. Click here to email Curtis.

Time Has Little To Do with Infinity and Almond Croissants

Two years ago may sound like a long time, but it doesn't feel like it. As near as I can figure, that's about when I started thinking about adding a recipe application to the suite of applications that I've been building since… well, since way before then. The recipe application had been originally conceived for a specific company, and was to include a ton of features ... ( read more ... )

Circular Polarizers and Reflective Soup Light

A circular polarizer (as it relates to cameras) is a little round piece of glass that you attach to the front end of your lens. Once attached, you can rotate it freely all the way around without it falling off. I guess you could put one in front of a cell phone camera and it would work just the same — but unless you have some way to attach it to your phone, you'll have ... ( read more ... )

Content Guides and Gettin' Drippiee

Over the course of my last Instagram experiment, I started to wonder if certain photos and posts had (or needed to have) any kind of value, beyond just being aesthetically pleasing. Some of my favorite posts are these little square "texture" photos, shot from overhead. They really are neat looking little squares (so far, the photos have mostly been ground spices), but in addition to being cool looking … I also try to type in a little factoid about the texture that I took a photo of — and much to my delight, ... ( read more ... )

Previously On Instagram and Our Style Guide for Spring 2019

Previously On Instagram — I attempted to mix up the "three across" pattern that I had been using by posting "five across"… thinking that if I still had three images in each of the five categories, it would balance out to 15, and the rows would still line up. (Here's a link to my article about the Five by Three Experiment.) It sort of worked out, but it also felt a little random to me. It was hard to tell that there were in fact — five different categories looping around — unless you really read the posts that went with each image. For my next observational excursion, (both of those words ... ( read more ... )
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