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Comparing Two Lighting Set Ups for Unicoi Preserve Jars

In this article, I'm outlining two different lighting set ups that were use for some product photos on white, or "pack shots". Pack shot photos are usually for online shopping pages and white papers, and are sometimes used in marketing as well. Our subjects for the article are some Unicoi Preserves jars. These small batch, hand-crafted preserves are inspired by and created near the Unicoi Wine Trail in Georgia. Many of the ingredients are sourced locally — and the distance from farm to jar, is as short as possible! Click here to read more about Unicoi ... ( read more ... )

The Instagram Dark and Moody Photo Series

I have to start out by saying... to everyone following the Digital Food Works account on Instagram — you are all simply the best!!! You inspirit the concepts, the planning, and the very photos that I'm posting on the account. Just a little over than seven months ago, I started posting a series of photos on Instagram that I was unofficially calling "the dark and moody ... ( read more ... )

Lighting a Whiskey Bottle and Glass Using Multiple Flashes

Last week — I wrote a small article on lighting a stack of donut sticks with four flashes, which included several diagrams of the setup. This week, I'm taking a look at a Jack Daniel's whiskey bottle and glass. Unlike the donut sticks photo, there's not a lot of staging and extra element around this time. A bottle of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select is such an American Classic — I didn't feel it needed a ... ( read more ... )

Four Lights, Donut Sticks, and a Drizzle of Chocolate Sauce

I thought it would be fun to take a look at the individual photos of what each light, in a multi-light set up, add to the final "hero" photo. Usually, in a multi-light setup, one light provides most of the illumination for the scene (the "main light") while the additional lights add accents, fill in color and texture, or better define various areas in the photo. Our main subject today is a stack of cinnamon and sugar donut ... ( read more ... )
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