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Hero and Headline Photos for Winter Kit 2018

P.S. FLAVOR | february 22nd, 2018 | product photography
A couple of months ago, a new publication that I have been working on for the P. S. Flavor!™ Club was released and it's something I'm really happy with. I am getting to shoot a good bit of the photography along with the designing and laying out the quarterly booklet and the team at P. S. Flavor!™ is just so much fun to work with. (If you would like to find out more about the new P. S. Flavor!™ Club, click here.)I'll be adding a ... ( read more ... )

Wait Christmas... Don't Leave Yet!

P.S. FLAVOR | december 30th, 2017 | design and branding
The 2017 Holiday Campaign for P. S. Flavor!™ Spice Blends came together so incredibly fast and had so many moving parts, I did not want some of the cool photos to get lost in the process (can't see the trees for the forest, and all of that). The end delivery medium this time was a motion based video clip, but custom photography was needed before any of that could be started. About a week and a half before the project deadline, a series of ... ( read more ... )

The Bottle Lighting Ceremony Photos

P.S. FLAVOR | december 25th, 2017 | design and branding
In a recent article (Saving a Thing from the Island of Misfit Toys) I used some very cool silver mesh that I found at Walmart one night as a wintery background for a product photo. In that setup, I used a black backing with the silver mesh in front and a flash with a blue colored gel in between the two layers. The result was a very deep, rich, contrasty blue background that was perfect for the winter glam photo. Continuing with the P. S. ... ( read more ... )

Coffee and Spice and Everything Warm Winter

P.S. FLAVOR | december 10th, 2017 | design and branding
I recently had an opportunity to photograph a series of images for P. S. Flavor!™, an extraordinary artisanal spice blend company that is getting ready to launch a brand new Club program. The product photos are to be featured in something I can't really talk about just yet... because the debut of the P. S. Flavor!™ Club is still a few days away!!! Ooooooo, a mystery!I can't really talk much about my dark warm photo here either, other ... ( read more ... )