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The Late Summer Instagram Photo Series and Organic Reach Observations

I basically started this "Late Summer" bright/white photo series because I felt the previous "Slightly Wonky Bright" series went a little off the mark somewhere. I had some more ideas I wanted to pursue before going into the darker "winter" photos, and I thought I had plenty of time. I started this second bright/white series in mid September, and as it turns out, it took me ... ( read more ... )

Freezing Black Cyprus Salt in Mid-Air, Using A Continuous Light

Normally, I use strobe lights (aka "off camera flash") to light my food, beverage, and product photos. Strobe lights (together with camera settings) are powerful enough to cancel out most ambient light in any room, and allow the scene to be illuminated by only the strobes. They offer powerful, very short busts of light. A couple of people have asked about "freezing falling things" in a photo… but they are working with continuous light — which is a little different. When using a continuous light source — freezing things is going to come down to shutter ... ( read more ... )

The Slightly Wonky Bright Instagram Photo Series

I feel like I had some good ideas going into this photo series, but as I've alluded to in some other posts, I feel like I got a little off track somewhere. I started this group back in May (2020) and there are some great individual photos in this series, but I don't feel like they necessarily all belong to a single aesthetic or design style. They are all on a light background (almost), but they don't really feel like a ... ( read more ... )

Comparing Two Lighting Set Ups for Unicoi Preserve Jars

In this article, I'm outlining two different lighting set ups that were use for some product photos on white, or "pack shots". Pack shot photos are usually for online shopping pages and white papers, and are sometimes used in marketing as well. Our subjects for the article are some Unicoi Preserves jars. These small batch, hand-crafted preserves are inspired by and created near the Unicoi Wine Trail in Georgia. Many of the ingredients are sourced locally — and the distance from farm to jar, is as short as possible! Click here to read more about Unicoi Preserves. Let me start out by saying, that whichever ... ( read more ... )
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