Digital Food Works is a Creative & Marketing project by Curtis Lawyer that provides Design, Photography and Development services for businesses with things to eat. Email Curtis.

Small Glass Beverage Lighting

I posted a series of small glass photos on Instagram recently along with some basic lighting diagrams and wanted to collect those all in one place — which would be this article! Two of these setups used strobe lighting (flash) and one made use of continuous lights (LEDs). In all cases, there is no "natural" light in any of the photos. Working in reverse order from when they were posted on Instagram, I'll start with the ... ( read more ... )

Freezing Cranberries in the Middle of an Ice Cube

On a recent "Cranberry Lime Whisky Sour" photo set up, I wanted to have a little something extra on-hand to place around the scene — for styling and staging purposes, and thought — freezing a couple of cranberries in the middle of some ice cubes would be really cool! Now, I've been close to a cranberry bog before. I almost had the chance to get into a cranberry bog once. I "know" that cranberries float, and yet ... ( read more ... )

National Food Celebration Day Calendar Two-Month View

Just after my big, exciting Aquafresh update, I have another cool little page addition to tell everyone about. It was probably a year ago (maybe a little more) I started taking a closer look at national food celebration days for a client I was working with, and found that most of the single source web sites (where all the dates were in a calendar format), were either very old or very ad-spammy. So I started collecting all ... ( read more ... )

Aquafresh and Expanding Waistlines

About eight months ago, I started developing a recipe application for a client project that didn't end up moving forward. I started thinking though— a recipe app and CMS might be a cool thing to have for my own Digital Food Works site (and another, separate project that I'm working on) — and so I restarted my development of the recipe application, using DFW (this site) as a sandbox. As I started implementing the ... ( read more ... )
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