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Coffee and Spice and Everything Warm Winter

P.S. FLAVOR | december 10th, 2017 | design and branding
I recently had an opportunity to photograph a series of images for P. S. Flavor!™, an extraordinary artisanal spice blend company that is getting ready to launch a brand new Club program. The product photos are to be featured in something I can't really talk about just yet... because the debut of the P. S. Flavor!™ Club is still a few days away!!! Ooooooo, a mystery!I can't really talk much about my dark warm photo here either, other ... ( read more ... )

Saving a Thing from the Island of Misfit Toys

P.S. FLAVOR | december 7th, 2017 | design and branding
Sometimes, you just have to work crazy fast. Okay… honestly… when you run a small boutique consulting design and photography company (or any small boutique anything for that matter), crazy fast is more normal than not. I knew I had to produce a photo for the P. S. Flavor! Club's Winter Kit, that would highlight the three spice blend product bottles that are featured in the seasonal kit. The image would primarily be used in ... ( read more ... )

Branding Version 3.0 — Ten Design Elements on P.S. Flavor!'s New Label System

P.S. FLAVOR | november 6th, 2017 | design and branding
In a non-specific, relative sense... I wrote an article for my namesake website curtislawyer.com not too long ago entitled "Starting In the Middle". The article outlined some of the designs that were created for a delicious spice blend product and amazing company... P. S. Flavor!™ Spice Blends by Pam Smith. The VP and Brand Manager of P. S. Flavor!™, Nicole Ramsland and I set out to not only create a brand new label system, but also ... ( read more ... )

Pause, Rewind, Remove and Change

P.S. FLAVOR | august 4th, 2017 | nine ways to sunday with ps flavor
I made it a little further into my Nine Ways – with P. S. Flavor! project after the "branding version two" reboot of the label system. After re-shooting the bottles and jars on white, I moved into the new Combo Pail containers, and even started shooting some individual Sample and Refill Packets! As fate would have it though, team P. S. Flavor was starting to see some of the same consistency issues that I was observing in the bottle ... ( read more ... )