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National Food Celebration Day Calendar Full-Year View

Oh, you can run all the tests you want — but you never really know if something is going to work the way you planned, until you turn it on, and give it a go. The world at large sometimes has very different things planned, than what I see in my head. Now I'm not trying to get all poetic here, I'm talking about the Two-Month View, National Food Celebration Day Calendar that I added to the site a couple of months ago. ... ( read more ... )

Camera Height and Angle Adjustments

In my most recent set of three Instagram photos I featured the P. S. Flavor!™ spice bottles using one of my favorite formats, the "shoebox diorama" setup. Because the camera's sensor is only about 4 times as high as the product bottle itself, tiny height and angle adjustments of the camera make a big impact on what might appear to be the same scene. While most of the photos in the P. S. Flavor!™ series were shot ... ( read more ... )

Small Glass Beverage Lighting

I posted a series of small glass photos on Instagram recently along with some basic lighting diagrams and wanted to collect those all in one place — which would be this article! Two of these setups used strobe lighting (flash) and one made use of continuous lights (LEDs). In all cases, there is no "natural" light in any of the photos. Working in reverse order from when they were posted on Instagram, I'll start with the ... ( read more ... )

Freezing Cranberries in the Middle of an Ice Cube

On a recent "Cranberry Lime Whisky Sour" photo set up, I wanted to have a little something extra on-hand to place around the scene — for styling and staging purposes, and thought — freezing a couple of cranberries in the middle of some ice cubes would be really cool! Now, I've been close to a cranberry bog before. I almost had the chance to get into a cranberry bog once. I "know" that cranberries float, and yet ... ( read more ... )
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