Digital Food Works by Curtis Lawyer provides medium format photography, design, and ideation services for businesses with things to eat and drink! I'm currently located in Central Florida — and everything I do is fully mobile. Click here to email Curtis.

The Instagram Modern Country Farmhouse Experiment

Right around the beginning of April 2019, I started a "Modern Country Farmhouse" experiment over on Instagram — first, by writing articles about Content Guides and Style Guides here at DFW (which contain some really good info on their own) and then posting 15 images on Instagram — all using the same lighting style, props, and staging elements. While Content Guides ... ( read more ... )

Lighting the HQO Express Sample Packets

We love small goods product packing here at Digital Food Works, and these sample packets from High Quality Organics Express are very cool, because they stand up all by themselves! No additional propping, tape, wires, polarizers or special lighting required!High Quality Organics Express is a small(er)-quantity, individual consumer division of the larger parent-company High ... ( read more ... )

Time Has Little To Do with Infinity and Almond Croissants

Two years ago may sound like a long time, but it doesn't feel like it. As near as I can figure, that's about when I started thinking about adding a recipe application to the suite of applications that I've been building since… well, since way before then. The recipe application had been originally conceived for a specific company, and was to include a ton of features that go far beyond the needs of what a basic blog ... ( read more ... )

Circular Polarizers and Reflective Soup Light

A circular polarizer (as it relates to cameras) is a little round piece of glass that you attach to the front end of your lens. Once attached, you can rotate it freely all the way around without it falling off. I guess you could put one in front of a cell phone camera and it would work just the same — but unless you have some way to attach it to your phone, you'll have to hold it in place over the phone's camera. ... ( read more ... )
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