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Light Position and Caprese Toast

Trying to decide where to put your main light, is not always an easy task. Fortunately, there is no wrong or right answer… just a whole bunch of "personal choices" (aka "your style"), and a lot of spin. It's fun (and useful) to see all of the options sometimes, because the hope is… eventually, it all becomes more intuitive. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. If I'm not trying to specifically shoot in one style or another, my photos tend to fall into the "Chamber of Commerce" category… sharp, clear, well balanced, nice color, etc. — maybe ... ( read more ... )

The Curious, Semi-Scientific Research Regarding Three Things in a Row on Instagram

Every once in a while, I've had the opportunity to do little posting experiments — within some of the longer posting themes I've been trying out — and I've noticed something interesting about posting "three similar images in a row" on the Digital Food Works Instagram page. This excludes the "macro texture squares" that I've posted though… those are kind of uniquely themed separators… like that little bar you put between your groceries and the groceries of the person behind you in the checkout line. What we're talking about here is, more or less, ... ( read more ... )

Lighting an Acorn Squash

So I found this little acorn squash kind of late in the season, and for some reason, it was pretty much all dark green. It didn't have any of those orange variegation or patches you can sometimes find on this popular winter vegetable. It was however, pretty symmetrical, not very large, and had all of those cool fluted, geometric details of a typical acorn squash. When I saw it, my mind instantly floated back to the "fruit planets" series that I did not too long ago — specifically, how the light wrapped around the lemon from that series, and wondered — if I could get the light to show off all the ridges in this ... ( read more ... )

The Instagram Light, Dark, Light, Dark Experiment

Way back on August 20th, 2019 — I started posting a series of images on Instagram that followed a "light tone then dark tone" alternating pattern. This little checkerboard test ran from that date, up until October 28th, 2019 — so basically 60 days and encompassed 18 images, give or take. In previous tests, I've tried staggering content types (The Instagram Five by Three Experiment) and using style guides (The Instagram Modern Country Farmhouse Experiment), etc. This time, I didn't spend too much time thinking about content "types" for the various posts, and only concentrated on the light/dark alternating ... ( read more ... )
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