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Pause, Rewind, Remove and Change

P.S. FLAVOR | august 4th, 2017 | nine ways to sunday with ps flavor
I made it a little further into my Nine Ways – with P. S. Flavor! project after the "branding version two" reboot of the label system. After re-shooting the bottles and jars on white, I moved into the new Combo Pail containers, and even started shooting some individual Sample and Refill Packets! As fate would have it though, team P. S. Flavor was starting to see some of the same consistency issues that I was observing in the bottle ... ( read more ... )

It's All Pails In Comparison

P.S. FLAVOR | july 23rd, 2017 | nine ways to sunday with ps flavor
Way One of Nine Ways to Sunday (Part W, Segment Two) — Another neat thing that arrived in my P. S. Flavor Box-o-Spices - Part Deux… are seven really cute little spice pails that look like artisan paint cans! I have seen these pails used in two different ways with the P. S. Flavor Spice Blends. The first... as a single product container that holds a larger quantity of one spice blend... while not quite being a "bulk" size yet. The ... ( read more ... )

Two Tiny Steps Back, One Giant Leap Forward

P.S. FLAVOR | july 14th, 2017 | nine ways to sunday with ps flavor
Way One of Nine Ways to Sunday (Part W, Segment One) — Just to recap... my previous start on shooting the P. S. Flavor! Spice Blend product photos had been slightly delayed by a branding change on all of the P. S. Flavor! labels. The "version one" bottles had been photographed and were looking great when word came that some new "v2" bottles, packets and pails were in the works. So, I had to take a quick step back and reshoot those bottles ... ( read more ... )

Presto Changeo — P.S. Flavor! Gets a New Look

P.S. FLAVOR | july 2nd, 2017 | nine ways to sunday with ps flavor
It's been almost two months since my last posting for the Nine Ways to Sunday… P. S. Flavor! project. The reason for this delay is because all the P. S. Flavor! packaging has gotten a little facelift! Branding modifications can take some time to completely implement, even when there's a relatively small number of products. I'm happy to report that the transition to the new look is complete (thanks to the herculean efforts of P. S. Flavor's ... ( read more ... )